How Bhubaneswar is Transforming itself into a Youth Metropolitan City

How Bhubaneswar is Transforming itself into a Youth Metropolitan City

Bhubaneswar is one of the fastest growing cities both in terms of technology and population with a significant portion of that population falling among the youth and the ones with a much lower age range. This is more evident by the fact that the city is seeing a considerable upheaval and change in every respect including both social and financial dispositions as evident from those statistics mentioned before.

The rise of digitization, along with the internet, has created and spearheaded such a change that almost every aspect of our lives have gone through tremendous and unbelievable changes. The ripple effect has echoed to every corner of the globe, and similar is the case with India. The race to be proficient within the digital world has taken general precedence over everything else, for better or for worse. No longer is the stigma of insularity or the taboo of a backward culture associated with Indians, and the signs are showing when one carefully observes that the entire social fabric is being converted to the binary signals slowly but surely.

But, this is not a doomy prediction or something like that; in fact, many of the aspects of everyday Indian lives have significantly improved and changed for the better. In fact, the positive repercussions have already greatly influenced and subsequently changed Bhubaneswar within the last few years. For more than several decades, Bhubaneswar was considered the capital of Odisha in nothing but name only, but development projects and repeated efforts have finally brought in results, and what results they were.

The lifestyle of the active inhabitants and the entire city has also changed considerably over the last few years. A vibrant nightlife has eventually sprung up due to the increasing youth population, and the ingraining of modern philosophies and technology has given the heart of the city a much-needed makeover. Places and joints like Aangan Horizon, 10 DC, and The Cellar among many others in Unit 4, Patia and Chandrasekharpur areas of Bhubaneswar experience an almost daily influx of customers looking forward to some form of leisure and entertainment after a hectic and long day of work.

The daily lives of people within this city have also seemingly accelerated both in terms of pace and activities. Like any Metropolitan city life, the daily life of any individual, belonging to the class of young adults, is influenced by the many influences that come with an ever growing and developing city both in terms of respective professional and personal lives. More often than not, young adults prioritize the in-the-moment philosophy and the ever-present gears of change as reflected by their own cityscape itself. With the presence of around-the-clock safe public transport means like buses, cabs, auto-rickshaws, etc., there is no evident deceleration of the general lifestyle, especially among the youth, and everyone is basking in the glory and joys of the ever-present change.

Bhubaneswar has come a very long way since the days of disrepair and squalor all those years ago. Now, the capital city of Odisha is indeed a bona fide modern city, which can effectively compete with any of the recognized metropolitan ones with every respect. Industrial and IT sectors have already entrenched themselves and, as a result, many other businesses and companies continue to spring up and compete with each other in a relatively healthy manner. The liberal and cumulative influences of a twenty-first-century life is ingrained and is currently evolving with the city itself. The city has completely reinvented itself economically, socially and architecturally; and the entire population, especially the younger ones, genuinely deserve all the appreciation into looking forward into the future and spearhead the direction in which the city is finally going to.

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