7 Must-Try Restaurants in Berhampur

7 Must-Try Restaurants in Berhampur

Among all the famous and busy tourist places one can hope to visit in India, Odisha is quite an underrated one. There are many undiscovered and fairly secluded places, which have a great potential to be an attractive tourist spot, but many factors including inaccessibility and remoteness may play a part in these places being unable to get that level of attention and exposure. Berhampur is a relatively small city located on the eastern coastline of Odisha. It falls under the Ganjam district; the city has a population of over 3 lakhs and has a rich and varied history over the years. The place is quickly emerging as one of the brightest stars within the tourism circles which is due to its amazing and near-perfect location by the sea. With its improving economy, inhabitants are looking forward to fully put their efforts and investment plans centered on the influx of the lucrative tourists from various places. As a result, new restaurants and various eateries are becoming not only more sophisticated but also quite reputable in their own right. From seafood cuisines to many other delicious dishes and preparations, these institutions generally boast a top-rated customer service coupled with a hint of playful competition between them. The decorations and aesthetic that these places display can generally be considered as a mix of uniqueness and individualism respectively. The culture of the city of Berhampur is closely tied with their colorful history throughout which the inhabitants have resolutely faced every challenge or trial in a dignified and somber manner. These factors have also played a major factor in determining the homely aura that permeates through the salty air of the city. Berhampur has many places that can guarantee both first class food and beverage service. We have taken the responsibility to highlight seven of the absolute cream of the crop for our readers.

1. Atithi Restaurant

Our first entry in this list can truly be considered not only as a top quality restaurant but also as one of the best and most profitable local businesses in town. Having an extended menu of both Indian and Continental cuisines and dishes, the services are generally described as both friendly and family-oriented. Atithi Restaurant is also considered by both locals and tourists as one of the more significant landmarks in Berhampur. Frankly speaking, if anyone should get the pleasure of visiting this marvelous city, then people should take their time to visit this marvelous restaurant for dinner or lunch at least once. Plus, the price range of all dishes are economical that is quite suitable for every kind of tourist visiting their place.

2. Squares

Housed under the authority of Hotel Spectrum, this food corner is generally famed as an excellent all-in-one that wows its audience with their versatility and consistency both in terms of quality and quantity. People who have visited this restaurant generally consider the homely and the small-town atmosphere a highlight that repeatedly attracts every type of customers from every walk of life.

3. Olive Restaurant

One of the most highly valued and reputed business cornerstones of this town is located on the Old Christian Street by the Suba Rao Square; additionally, the restaurant is acclaimed by all the customers who have enjoyed their services. The authentic line of traditional Odisha dishes has been repeatedly named as one of the major highlights of this joint. The services and the vibe that people find quite entertaining and pleasant continue to add to the popularity of this place and its hardworking employees.

4. Domino’ Pizza

It is inevitable that such a potentially lucrative and hyped tourist location would escape the piercing gaze and the high business acumen of global giants like the above-mentioned pizza chain. In spite of its ubiquity, it absolutely scandalous to consider that Domino’s provide subpar quality of food and service. One of the largest food chains with thousands of people within their ranks, this institution is a stamp of approval that provides great quality of food & service.

5. 1914 Dining Room Restaurant

Located within the beautiful and the sophisticated demarcations of Mayfair Palm Resort, this eatery has one of the best interior design that is bound to capture the customers’ attention and wonder. The entire staff is dedicated and quite helpful as testified by various customers; also, the food covers almost every kind and every famous ethnic line of cuisines that you can expect from such a high valued restaurant.

6. Girja Restaurant

Considered to be one of the most economical and lively places for customers’ relaxation and appetite, this is one of the many prominent restaurants that has garnered a lot of popularity and reputation over the last few years. Quite a few customers speak highly of the large array of snacks like mustard chicken or chicken pakora they consumed and, as a result, greatly enjoyed.

7. Forest Park

This particular joint for the satisfaction of bellies and mind has a very special and nice theme that proclaims that nature is the best decorator of all. Forest Park has a large platter of both tribal and seafood that goes perfectly with what has been described essentially as a forest vibe. The tiny yet beautiful city, which is also quite famous for its silk cottage industry, is always welcoming newcomers and old. We have taken the need to compile this list for the benefit of the general public; so that, in case you find yourself getting an itch for visiting a beautiful yet quaint place, this article might come in handy.
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