Coromandel Express Accident More Than 300 People Are Dead Thousands Are Injured .

Coromandel express accident

Key Points-

  • 120 bodies recovered, and more than 1000 injured

  • The line up hit Coromandel Yashwantpur-Howrah High-Speed ​​Rail

  • Two trains have 18 bogies lined up

  • 3 NDRFs, 4 ODRFs, 20 fire teams and 100 ambulances are engaged in the rescue operation.

  • 12 lakh as compensation to the family of the deceased.who were dead 

  • 2.5 lakh aid was announced to those who were Injured.

Baleshwar/Bahanagar,: A major train accident took place on Friday evening near Bahanga railway station, 30 km from Baleshwar.

While the initial death toll has crossed the 100 mark, more than 10,000 have been injured. Preliminary information has been received that the accident occurred due to fast train 12841 (Shalimar Chennai Coromandel Express) derailing and falling into the train on the opposite side and 12864 Yesvantpur-Howrah Superfast Express hitting it.

As 18 coaches of both trains derailed, 120 people died by midnight, while more than 1,000 passengers were injured, according to Special Relief Commissioner Satyabrat Sahu.

As many passengers are trapped under the carriage. The death toll is likely to rise further as More than 400 passengers were rescued Baleshwar, Bhadrak, Baripada, Jajpur and Cuttack Adi are being treated in various hospitals. the night Rescue due to lack of light Work is late.

3 NDRF, 4 ODRAF and 20 fire teams along with more than a hundred ambulances and 20 buses have been engaged in the rescue operation. The NDRF team is cutting the buggy and rescuing the passenger.

A unified helpline number has been issued by the Railway Department. After the accident, the train movement was stopped from both sides.  

The town hall has been turned into a temporary hospital while more than 250 passengers are being treated at Baleswar Hospital.  

More than 150 passengers have been admitted to The Hospital for treatment.

Even the injured have been admitted to large medical centres in Baripada, Jajpur and Cuttack. Various private hospitals including the government hospital in Bhubaneswar have also been kept ready. 

Information received suggests that evening approx At 7 o'clock the Coromandel Superfast train derailed near Bahanga North Cabin

The line chute carriage of Coromandel was hit by the Yeshwantpur Howrah Superfast train coming down the line.  

More than 13 coaches of the Coromandel train derailed, while the last 5 coaches of the Yashwantpur Express collided and derailed. After the accident, the scene became noisy with the screams of passengers.

Locals rescued the passenger after the accident. An ambulance, school bus, private car, and bike also took the injured to Balasore Hospital and Tire was immediately admitted to the hospital.  

Hundreds of people were screaming in agony on the edge of the rail concept. After learning about the incident, Special Relief Commissioner, Fire DGP Sudshanshu Shadangi reached the spot.  

Baleshwar IG, SP, Zilapal also reached the spot and conducted the rescue operation. A phone number has been issued to help the families of the passengers.

Medical teams, rescue teams, NDRF teams district administration, and state dignitaries have reached the spot and are supervising the rescue and medical operations.  

Helpline No-

It has been announced that the railway department will provide ex-gratia assistance of Rs.10 lakh to the families of the deceased, Rs.2 lakh to the seriously injured and Rs.50,000 to the injured. 

Similarly, it has been announced that the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund will provide Rs.2 lakh for dead people and 50 thousand for Affected people. 

Union Railway Minister Ashwini Baiswan, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, State Revenue Minister Pramila Mallik and Special Relief Commissioner Satyabrat Sahu reached the spot and extended the rescue and relief work till late at night. 

It is reported that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will visit the accident site tomorrow. President Draupadi Murmu, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed deep grief over the incident.

Various facts are being heard about the cause of this terrible accident. After the Coromandel Express hit the train first and derailed, some eyewitnesses of the Yesvantpur Express train hit, while others said that Coromandel and Yesvantpur lines were affected. After that, karamandal is said to have hit a freight train. 

However, the railway department informed that the real cause of the accident will be known after the investigation. According to information late at night, Revenue Disaster Department Minister Pramila Mallik, who was at the scene, said, “The accident is very serious.

Hundreds of dead bodies are buried. He fears that the number of injured will exceed 1000. Rescue operations are ongoing throughout the night. It is said to be the biggest accident in the history of railway accidents in the country and Odisha.  

Central Minister Sri Pradhan Baleshwar District Bahanga near Marmantuda Railway
The accident is said to be very unfortunate and rescue operations are being carried out by the railway department.

Wishing all the passengers good health. May the Lord give infinite patience and courage to the family in this time of sorrow.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan arrived in Kolkata today as per the pre-arranged programme. He cancelled the trip and reached Baleswar late at night.

BJP state president Manmohan Samal said that the Coromandel Express train accident at Balasore Bahanaga is very sad.

Shri Samal said, "I am praying to MahaPruda Shri Jagannath for the recovery of the injured. BJP workers started rescue operations at the spot.

MP Pratap Shadangi is present and involved in providing immediate treatment to the injured. He asked everyone to stand shoulder to shoulder in this time of danger.

Director General of Fire Department Sudshanshu Shadangi, Senior Officer Hemant Sharma, Arvind Agarwal, Balbant Singh, and Baleshwar District Collector are present at the spot and are coordinating the rescue and relief work.

A Dead Evening for Karamandal Express 

Coromandel express accident

Coromandel Train burst out with a loud noise. In the blink of an eye, more than 100 lives were lost.

More than 400 were injured. All of a sudden, there was a flurry of noise on Friday evening And Balasore's Bahanga railway concept site burst into flames.

Conflict over the accident!

A representative of 'Samaj' Bahanga has informed that two trains have been hit by an accident while in fact three trains have been hit by the Kharagpur Railway Division.

Based on the information, it was reported that Coromandel was the freighter to clear the road for the train Shift the train to the track near the north cabinWhen the freight train was running, the track was closed and the down track was not cleared.

As a result, the Coromandel train instead of going down the track went on the track where the goods train was and hit the goods train from behind. As a result, 13 bogies of Coromandel went off the track.

Meanwhile, due to the arrival of the Yeshwantpur Howrah train, it also met with an accident and two of its coaches were derailed. This is said to have greatly increased the damage.

However, on behalf of the Kharagpur division of N.Y

No information was given.  From the photos taken from the scene of the accident, it is believed that the accident happened between three trains and was caused by the carelessness of some railway employees.

25 doctors left SCB.

A 25-member medical team from SCB Medical Center visited the spot on Friday night to provide better treatment to the critically injured. 

Special arrangements have been made for the treatment of accident victims at ETHOS SCB Medical Centre.

A medical team has been formed under the leadership of the Head of Orthopedics, Neurology, and Vascular Departments. 

Nursing officers, health service staff and security forces have been killed.

60 beds and 10 ICU beds have been prepared in the medical department. SCB Medical Administrative Officer Abinash Raut said that the number of beds will be increased if necessary.

On the other hand, Dr Zilapal arranged for the treatment of the injured. Many senior officials, including Bhavani's selectman, Nigam Kalyan, have reached Cuttack's large hospital.  

SCB, AIIMS and private hospitals have been prepared and control rooms have been set up to coordinate with Baleswar, Bhadrak, Jajpur and Cuttack Zillapal after the train accident.

More than 3000 injured have been admitted to different hospitals in Baleswar as of now (10 pm) in this accident. Arrangements have been made to treat 350-400 injured at Bhadrak Hospital.

Besides Cuttack SCB Medical College, Bhubaneswar AIIMS and all private Hospitals have been kept ready, Chief Secretary Pradeep Jena said.

Alert the doctor

The terrible train accident has now cast a shadow of mourning across the country and all the hospitals in and around Baleswar have been put on high alert.

All doctors have been banned from attending the hospital. It is also prohibited to have personnel and equipment ready to treat any person injured in an accident.

The temporary hospital was the Town Hall

As the number of injured in Balser District Head Hospital increased, a temporary hospital was moved to the nearby Town Hall on the instructions of the District Governor.

The injured passenger is being treated there. Medical College and Private All the doctors and staff of the hospital are engaged in ETH. Body found in tractor and van

Mobile Network Jam

Over 100 people are feared dead in the worst rail accident in the state. With more than 500 injured, it is impossible to get accurate information about people.

Due to the gathering of thousands of people at the same time, the mobile network was suddenly jammed.

The injured passengers were not able to communicate with their families. Even so, administrative officials faced difficulties in continuing relief and rescue operations.

Two ambulances went from GIMSAR for rescue

Two ambulances from the Gopbandhu Institute of Biomedical Research (GIMSAR) in Ashtgarh went there to rescue the injured and take him to the medical centre.

An ambulance has all the essential medical facilities. It appears that 2 ambulances arrived late at night and started the rescue operation.

GIMSAR chairman Niranjan Rath said that help will be provided from Jimsar for the treatment of the injured.

Dead body found in tractor and van.

The horror of the train accident in Bhanga was so terrible that hundreds of passengers died.

While more than 100 ambulances were deployed to take the injured to the hospital, there was a shortage of ambulances to take the dead bodies to the hospital.

Late at night, the dead bodies were seen being taken to the hospital in a tractor and van.Screams of passengers at the scene of the accident A terrible sound was heard when the Coromandel Express crashed and the passengers did not understand anything at first.

However, around 15 bogies were derailed. There was an uproar among the passengers.The sight of the dead lying on the side of the railway line was very different.

Mourning of President, Prime Minister

President Draupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra for the accident at Baleswar Bahanga Modi expressed his condolences.

In his condolence message, the President expressed his condolences to the bereaved family and wished the victim a speedy recovery.

Also, best wishes for a successful rescue operation have done Prime Minister Modi is also deceased
Condolences to the family of the injured Ashu wished for healing. 

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed deep grief over the incident and appealed to Congressmen and leaders to cooperate in the rescue operation.

The Chief Minister will go to the accident site today

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in a train accident Deeply saddened.The Chief Minister said that the first priority is to take the injured passengers to the hospital and save their lives.

Chief Minister Shri Patnaik reviewed the situation from the Special Relief Society (SRC) office.

SITUATION STUDY AT SRC OFFICE TOMORROW (Saturday) He told the media that he will go to the accident site and review the entire situation.

The local people showed humanity and courage

An atmosphere of fear was created in the local area after the horrific accident.And after the screams and noise, the locals came to know that there had been a train accident.

Due to the delay in the arrival of the administration and the NDRF team, the local people started rescuing the people on their own initiative.

People were shocked to see the frightened faces of people from small children to adults. He was trying to find out how to rescue them immediately.

They took their shawl, hammer and iron-cutting machine with them and started the rescue operation by cutting the buggy.

Later the NDRF team arrived. He also helped in sending the injured and critical patients to the hospital immediately.


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