Naba Das was shot Dead By ASI Gopal Das :know why?

naba das

Who Is Naba Kishore Das?

Father Narasingh Charana Das
 Mother   Bisnupriya
 wife  Minati das
 son  Bisal das
 Daughter  Dipali Das
 Qualification  MA(English),LLB
 Profession  Businessman, Social Worker
 Habits  Reading Books, Playing Badminton, golf
 MLA  2009-2023
 Minister  2019-2023(Health Minister)
Naba Das in Jharsuguda District, West Odisha, or all over Odisha In 2009, he was elected to the 14th Legislative Assembly from Jharsuguda. From this point, 'Naba started in the Jharsuguda district.

His name increased in the entire West Odisha and the party appointed him as Jharsuguda District Congress President. At this time there were members of the New Assembly Language Committee, Railway Committee, and Library Committee. Similarly, the Legislative Standing Committee on Industries, Mines and Steel, Commerce and Transport, etc.

Health Minister Nabkishore Das was known by his name. Father Narsingh Das was the third child out of five sons and daughters new After completing the matric course at Bhojpur Government High School, he attended Meher College, Gangadhar, Sambalpur Enrolled. 

He completed his graduation in commerce in 1978. During this time he got involved in student politics. He was later elected as a member. Graduated in Law (3) in English. During his student politics, he came close to the then Chief Minister Janki Ballabh Patnaik, for which Shraddha was referred to as 'Janki's man' by many. In 2014, Nab Das was re-elected as a Congress MLA. 

The party made him the state vice president. Appointed and at one time his name was ahead in the race for PCC President. For the first time in 2004, Jharsuguda District Congress said that the Congress Das was elected from the Jharsuguda assembly constituency. In 2017, he contested as a district council candidate. The district council occupied was Jharsuguda. 

He occupied all the district council seats and flew the Congress flag there. But before the 2019 assembly elections, he left Congress and joined the BJJ. Gave In the 2019 assembly elections, he won by over 95 thousand votes and became the Minister of Health and Family Welfare in Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik's cabinet was hired From his student life, Nava has come to be known as a good organizer. Newbie's help No one who went in hope ever left him empty-handed Said not to return. 

Despite the differences in political parties and opinions, he had very good relations with the people of all political parties. There are examples of him praising Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for the improvement of Jharsuguda during his time in Congress and he also praised the Union Ministers for the improvement of Jharsuguda when he was a minister in BJD.

How did odisha health minister died ?

Naba Kishore das who were returning from an event where he get shot at 2 rounds of firing before entering the car. At that time the whole surroundings are already filled with (Baja,bana )instrumental sound between this Gopal das the main accused fired two rounds directly into the chest of Naba Kishore Das. In the very Meantime, all the Naba Kishore das body was filled with blood. Immediately people take them to Hospital and after 4 to 5 hours Naba Kishore das were dead in the hospital.

An attack on the health minister, Naba Das, left him in critical condition after a bullet entered and exited his body, injuring his heart and left lung. The incident occurred at 12.30pm as the minister was en route to an event. In a video captured at the scene of the crime, Naba Das can be seen collapsing at the gate of his vehicle before receiving medical attention. 

The sudden death of Odisha's cabinet minister Naba Das has shocked the state and its leaders. The state's Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ordered a high-level inquiry into the matter. In a statement, the CM called Das's death a great loss to the state, as he was an asset to both the government and the party. He praised the minister's work in the health department and his contributions to the Biju Janata Dala.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his condolences on the minister's death. The cause of the minister's death was a shooting incident in which he was hit by two rounds of bullets. The shooter, Gopal Das, an assistant sub-inspector of the Gandhi Chhak police outpost, has been detained and faces imminent dismissal from service. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown, and the police have not disclosed whether Das used his service revolver or an illegal firearm.

Who Is Gopal Das?

Gopal Das's hometown is Berhampur Ankuli, Ganjam district In the village. He was first a constable in Ganjam and joined as Later first as ASI At Badmal police station, then Kulabira, Banharpali, and Belapahada and it will be more than a year in Bandhbahal Fandi Were posted as ASI.  The last 11 in the district have been working as SI in the district for years. Gopal Das rented a house in Brajrajnagar His family has been living in the village.

Why Gopal Das killed Naba Kishore Das:

A few months ago, he met Health Minister Nava Das about his transfer to some other places. He refuses to accept that he can't do anything.  Although it is widely rumored that it is true If so, it is one way to kill the health minister. There is also talk that it could be the reason.

Gopal Das's wife Jayanti confirmed that her husband had been suffering from bipolar disorder and was under medication. She expressed her shock at the incident, saying she did not know what prompted the shooter to open fire. The chief minister visited the hospital to assess the health minister's condition before he passed away.

Gopal Das's Wife On Gopal Dash He was mentally ill and taking medication.

Police ASI Gopal Das, the main accused in the shooting of Health Minister Nab Das at Brajrajnagar Gandhi Street in Jharsuguda district, has been said to be a mentally ill person.  His house is in the Ankuli area of ​​Brahmapur.  

The Minister's wife Jayanthi Das is stunned after hearing the news of the shooting.  As her husband could not come home for five months, she asked her superiors to leave.  However, his behavior was not at all questionable.  

His wife said that since her husband's mental condition was not good, he was taking regular medicines as per the doctor's advice.  He is distraught after watching the shooting news on TV. 

She has not spoken to her husband since this morning.  Swami Gopal made a video call to his daughter and after talking for a short time hung up saying another call was coming.  

The wife said that Gopal was being treated by Dr. Chandrasekhar Tripathi at 'The Mind' clinic for the last 7 to 8 years.  During the conversation less than a month later, the family applied for leave after learning that Gopal was ill.  

But the higher officials gave them leave If not,  He used to talk to the officer above.  But there was no vacation.  When this disease was breaking out. Jayanthi said that his speech was not correct.

Gopal's son Priyanshu is also shocked to hear such news. 'Father's body was bad.  He could not take medicine due to busy work. He has not come home for 5 months. 12 years of work sometimes talking there. 

On the other hand, Gopal was suffering from bipolar disorder.   He was coming regularly for treatment for 5 years.  But it has not come in the past few months. At that time His mental condition was good. 

 Medicines were given to prevent the disease from recurring.  A psychiatrist who treats Gopal said that it is not known whether he was taking the medication regularly because he was not with his family and he was living alone.  

Chandrasekhar Tripathi said- Mood stabilizer, sleep aid, and anti-arrhythmic for his ailments  Doctor Tripathi, who was prescribed sciatica pills explained.  It is worth noting that Gopal was appointed as a constable in the Berhampur police district in 1990. 

After being promoted in 2009, he was transferred to the Jharsuguda district. There he got employment in various police stations.  In the family, Gopal's wife, daughter Priyanka and son Priyanshu are there. While Priyanka is studying BCA in a private college, Priyanshu is studying science in a private college.


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