Sesha Kisan wife Enoying being alone without his Husband.

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Who is Sesha Kisan?

Sesha Kisan is an orphan whose parents are dead during his childhood. Later he had a sister who also died for some reason. He is from Sambalpur district Odisha. His struggle from not having a house to living to become a scientist in Germany was so inspiring. 

He has no house for living and now he made a house costing more than 20 lakhs where he is educating more than 170 students from his village.

Villagers are now proud to have a gem in between them. Every villager is talking about Sasha Kisan some also said"He is now the inspiration for all those who are in their struggle period every child or man should learn from him"

Who is Jayashree?

Jayshree, the daughter of a Baliapal village will marry the young scientist sesha Kisan, about which the people of Baliapal, including Jaysree's parents and friends, are pleased. First Sesha  Kisan and Jayshree's introduction started from the Odia Matrimony app.

Both have been court-married with the consent of both their families. Jayshree was born on 22nd September 2000 in Khagapal village, she first started her studies at Aurobindo Educational Center, Baliapal, and then studied till 10th standard at Girls High School, Baliapal.

She also had an interest in dance and music, later he studied +2 science in a private college in Baleshwar followed by +3 at Subarnarekha Maha Vidyalaya, Baliapal.

Later she did his BBA at Fakir Mohan University, Baleswar after which he met Kisan through an Odia matron while looking for a job. The last farmer is from Balsingha village of Naktideula block, Sambalpur district. 

He lost his parents when he was a child. Jayshree's father, mother, and sister are delighted, not only the family but the villagers are thrilled. The villagers will go to Sambalpur to join Jayashree's outing.

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Why Sesha Kisan Left His wife?

After Marriage Sesha Kisan left his wife and went out to Germany for his work now they both are making vlogs on their YouTube channel named Seshashree Vlogs.

They Both are Living happily after marriage. After Sesha Kisan went to Germany Jayashree get emotional as she doesn't have enough time to spend with his husband. 

Sesha Kisan also said that Jayshree will come here and live with me for some days, but for maximum time Jayshree has to live in Odisha. Now Jayashree shares vlogs daily on YouTube and enjoys with their grandparents happily 


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